Get paid to blog at is a free blogging platform that works like Blogger and Wordpress, except that you will be paid for blogging at Payment will be made on the 10th of each month via Paypal or check with $50 minimum payment.

Modern Day Bully
How to Earn Money with

1. $2.00 per 1000 unique visitors for the first 30 days.
2. After 30 days, you will be promoted to the pay per post program which means you will earn $1 per post (min 100 words only) per day. This is an easy $365 per year.
More Ways to Earn with

1. You will be paid $5 for each blogger you introduce to In addition, will pay monthly bonuses up to $250 to the top promoters.
2. Promote the affiliate product and earn revenue from the sales.
3. You will be paid 25% of the purchases made by every advertiser which you refer to This payment will apply to ALL purchases made within the advertiser’s first month of activity.

Experiment tells that Google likes blogs hence it is not difficult to get the traffic. Sign up at now and start making money easily.

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